The Panther Record

Despite the picture on the cover, the Unicord Panther Combo is nowhere to be heard on the record.  Here's an excerpt from a  March, 1967 press release, titled: "Panther Combo Organ Featured on Album": "The versatile Panther Combo Organ is featured on 'The Groovy Organ Goes Romantic' LP recently released by Design records. This organ is not only popular among dance band combo groups, but is reportedly gaining wide acceptance with groups, because of its new range of sounds. The Panther Combo Organ is distributed by Merson/Unicord of Westbury, New York". 

"band combo group"?

As if that's not bad enough, the following verbage appears in the lower-left: "Panther Jazz Organ Courtesy of Merson/Unicard"  That's what it says - "Unicard"!  They can't even spell the name right!

And this quote from Lenny G, proud owner of the record: "It is, well, groovy! It sure is a Hammond Organ on it though. I wonder if 'groovy' refers to the playing style and not the instrument. The organ player does throw in some corny rock type riffs here and there."